There’s Something About Daniel

Hello everyone, my name is Daniel Kwon and I have been a part of Dr. Strangelove’s Communication classes, CMN 2160 (Theories of the Media) and CMN 2170 (New Media) at the University of Ottawa. I must say it is pretty exciting to start on my journey as an exclusive ‘Blogger.’ I hope in the near future, my blogs are worthy to be taken notice of and receive as many hits as Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ music video.

I also have a separate page which will consist of the researching and filming process of my video project (my group consisted of me and  fellow students by the name of Nyakallo Moleko, Eileen Reid) about Gatekeeping and its’ effect on contemporary society. Below are just little excepts/biography about ourselves so viewers, readers, audience alike can connect with us!

Daniel Kwon’s biography: I was born in South Korea. A country where new media technologies flow left and right and center. I am in my 3rd year at uOttawa Double Majoring in Communications and Philosophy. I enjoy laughing, singing, dancing, fashion, high-tech, video games, pop culture (Korean pop especially) and junk food. I do not particularly dislike anything, perhaps things that may be offensive to me (racism unless it is for the sake of comedy) and people who spend money non-efficiently. My future career lies in the direction of law, government position and teaching. It is these goals that motivate me to wake up at 8AM every day for classes and study all night for exams. I can be serious when I want to be but most of the time, I am a chill guy who likes to have a good time in any kind of environment I am in.

I hope you will enjoy my future blogging and I bid you farewell

Live long and prosper!

Nyakallo Moleko’s biography: Hello! My name is Nyakallo Moleko and I am a second year student at the University of Ottawa, majoring in Communications. I am from London, ON but I often like to say I am a “child of the world” as my family has had to move around quite a bit during my childhood. I have lived in South Africa, Beijing, New York, and Washington D.C. just to name a few places. As a result, I am very interested in learning more about the way people communicate with each other and learning about other peoples cultures. I would like to find out how media influences other peoples cultures. I enjoy singing, dancing, sewing (making my own clothes), listening to music, and of course travelling! I would like to one day travel to Japan, Nicaragua (I really love the name of that place), and Las Vegas.

Eileen Reid’s biography: Hello my name is Eileen Reid and I am a fourth year student completing a major in the communications program. I enjoy studying communications because it relates to everything, and living in the techno age it very much needed. I enjoy reading, writing, and learning! I am excited to graduate and start my career! I like the idea of doing a video project because I enjoy film and it is something that I usually don’t get to do for school projects.

Now that we’ve broken the ice and you’ve associated with my teammates as well as myself, please look forward to our upcoming video documentary! We are working very hard to bring you excellence in content information and quality!


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