America: A country or THE country

Posted: November 4, 2011 in New Media

Hello blogger! So I finished reading the first book in my course titled, “New Media: An Introduction” by Terry Flew and Richard Smith. Overall, it was a solid book, it gave me lots of insights and new perspectives about the Web 2.0 and the surge of online activities and interaction. And now, I am starting on a new book called, ‘The Empire of Mind: Digital Piracy and the Anti-Capitalist Movement” by none other than Michael Strangelove (my Prof). While I was reading the introduction and the first chapter, I came across a section very interesting to me. It was the notion that America was like a super-capitalistic nation dominating the globe. With this idea in mind, I just wanted to explore this concept a bit more in my own distinct thought. But since online interactivity is such a fad nowadays, I will give you a chance to think about this for a minute. Do you think America is really prevalent everywhere? Can you agree that America is really the homeland free? Promising moral ethics to every citizen and bringing peace like it promises to? If you were to ask me, and you agreed with the prior questions stated, I am afraid I would have to disagree with you. My argument for this particular judgment is because American stands as an epitome for capitalism. If you are walking down the street, chances are you will either see a Burger King, McDonalds, Starbucks or any of the American global franchise market you can think of. It may be of old news, but even Canadian brand stores such as Canadian Tire or Zeller has become American. The prevalence of the American way isn’t just restricted to chain stores, think about the movies or films you watch. When’s the last time you ever seen or heard of a Canadian film becoming a box office hit? While American films such as Avatar or Dark Knight gross over a billion dollars, many foreign films do not even dream of even achieving a feat like that. How can they do that you ask? It is because they are American. This country has done a superb job to globalize itself to every nation that I can honestly without fear say that we have a little bit of America in us: the American culture itself runs through our veins.

With this argument in mind, I want to bring into light the next question that America is the homeland free and how it promises to bring peace and justice as it promised. My answer is: uncertainty. The reason is because although America can be argued as being the most hated country because of its violence, I still have to give them credit for bringing some form of justice and equality among their citizens and its constant renewal of laws and bills to somewhat benefit their people more. Some of it might be seen as unfair or biased, but at least the Supreme Court is getting the job done to do what’s best (in their opinion) for their fellow Americans. However, with the positive comes the side order of the negative. If America is striving to do what’s right, why are they constantly waging war? Controversial decision to go to war with Iraq by the Bush administration brought nothing but bloodshed on both sides. There was so much hatred against the Bush administration in particular that there were even preposterous theories such as the 9/11 conspiracy. I believe America is still trying to do what’s right for their people, but in their own capitalistic ways. I mean if their people become poor and end up with nothing to buy or spend, how else would the American corporations or powerhouses make money domestically? Maybe I am being a bit optimistic, or giving more credit than they deserve, but still, I still see some hope for America.

With this virtually said, I am about to go to a UN conference in New York, maybe I’ll actually see some stuff get done there.



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