WE are watching YOU

Posted: October 27, 2011 in New Media

With new type of technological devices sprouting left, right and center, it’s essential that they carry the ability to go online.  As cool as this sounds however, it carries a hidden ability. When things go online, it becomes that much easier for things to be monitored. Whether it’s by certain organizations, companies, groups, or governments, doesn’t the thought of being monitored by someone  scare you? Sure it might be for research or for statistics, but I think the thought of me being watched and analyzed about my certain behavioral patterns without my consent is least to say, shocking. Did you know Google counts and acknowledges what kind of questions you might ask or research about? With that measurement, it predicts what you might type into it’s search bar without even you realizing what you were going to ask. I invite you to try this out. Type in ‘What’ into the Google search engine and immediately, it will have several type of questions you were going to ask or thought of asking. Google is not the only site to do this. As long as you stay connected online, your behavioral patterns will be taken into account and put into a massive database. Using this type of information, advertisers can analyze what you like/dislike and direct their products to be favored more by the consumers. I don’t believe there is to be any harmful repercussion of us being monitored (at least in my point of view), it is alarming that we are constantly being watched but it can be pretty cool that certain technologies do the work for us (with the previous example of Google search engine). Also, being under surveillance may be for security issues such as tracking a criminal who might be carrying a cell phone with online accessibility.  If you are still skeptical about being watched, I suggest you limit your time spent online and increase the privacy settings of sites such as Facebook or YouTube or anything that allows the system to monitor your behavioral patterns. However, in the end, you must remember that no matter hard you try to stay offline, the system will always be watching you, whether you like it or not, the surveillance is here to stay.


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